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We are a family run business operated by brother-sister outfit Daniel & Helana. We come from a large food loving family who have a variety of tastes from the wanting to keep it simple, to the let’s spice it up! Thats why we bring to you fresh and delicious street food for everyone. 

It can be overwhelming to be faced with so much choice and hungry bellies to feed. This is why we have kept to a fresh and focused menu made from quality ingredients that can be eaten plain or zhoozhed up with one of our delicious sauces or seasonings!

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We’re also doing our bit for the planet

We’re proud to contribute to a greener planet. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every bite. We source sustainably caught British fish exclusively from Kingfisher Brixham, ensuring not only great taste but also environmental responsibility. Additionally, we prioritise local ingredients whenever possible, supporting nearby communities and reducing our carbon footprint. Even our serve ware is eco-friendly and biodegradable, adding another layer to our dedication to the environment.

But sustainability isn’t our only forte – our ‘Well Nice’ team is exceptionally friendly and fun. We go the extra mile to ensure your event is not just enjoyable but also leaves a positive impact.

Join us in making memories while making a difference!

“Hands down the best fish and chips I’ve ever had. The batter is so light and crispy. The curry sauce is to die for. A taste sensation.”

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